October 20, 2004

When Buying Clothing, Especially For A Girl

Check and double check, then triple check for superfluous, ridiculous crap. Because seriously, there is NO way you can understand the sick, twisted minds of baby clothing designers.

See, for example, this totally plain mushroom-colored parka by Lili Gaufrette. There are two models, both reversible--to either pale pale blue or pale pale pink. I'd seen the blue one, almost bought it, then at the last minute, said, oh, get the pink one instead. It came out of the back, wrapped in plastic, and straight into the bag.

When I got it home and took it out to show it off, the first words out of my wife's mouth were, "It's got wings." WT--? The boy's jacket didn't have wings. I mean, should I have looked for w-- I can't even say it. WINGS??? What the hell is that?



It's returnable, right? That is just wrong. I thought it was bad enough that they have hootchie momma clothes for six year olds, but living life as some Anne Geddes knockoff? Wrong.

We're taking it to the tailor to have them carefully picked off. The fabric's really tightly woven, so it's tricky.

*shrugs* Girls love wings. Given a choice between a jacket with wings or one without, I'm pretty sure I know which one my little girl would choose.

Lili Gaufrette, who only makes girl clothing, tends to make very girly and frilly stuff. Its a French brand sold through out Europe and in some very select nice stores in the USA.

If you don't like girly/frilly then Lili is not for you. They make sweaters with a million bows on them too. I know most brand names and what they make if you need some help and are looking for something specific :)

Am I the only one that thinks those wings are utterly cute? She's an angel... she needs wings.

well, we'll have an extra pair available in a few days. Maybe I'll put them on ebay.

So let me get this straight--you're paying a tailor to pick off the wings, when you could just return the winged coat and find another wingfree (wingless?) one? I'm clearly missing something here. Does the coat zip itself?

I personally would have switched for the blue. And I respectfully disagree that Lili Gaufrette is an all-or-nothing proposition -- the bow sweater is very cute. The wings on the jacket are just silly.

I guess I'm of the old "When my kid can afford the jacket with wings, she can buy it -- I'm the one who would have to look at the things!" school.

Oh yes. You definitely need to check. We got a very cute newborn white fleece outfit, for my son actually, with gold stars on it. But then I felt the inside - each gold star was sewn with rough gold cord, wound and tied in a big sharp knot, on the inside of the shirt and pants. Oh yes, I want to dress my newborn in clothes that are all sharp and poky inside - welcome to the world!

The store's got a 10-day "exchange only" policy, the entirety of which we'll be spending in DC, &c &c

Its not the wings you should be worried about, its that retro 80s, dusty rose pink (red wine barf colour) that I would be concerned about.

Did this jacket come with a white leather purse and white leather, tassle boots?

PS - without the wings its gonna look kinda 'russian orphangeish' don'tcha think?


save it for urbanbaby.

Dogpile on me for being stupid enough not to know that I should vet my kid's clothes for extraneous applique'd crap, but think twice before you impugn my sense of color on my site.

No matter how you read the poorly lit snap, it's mushroom, verging on chocolate or mole'.

The wings are frightening. That jacket looks like a Tranny would wear it out clubbing. Good for you for fighting the good fight and attempting to instill good fashion morals in your child. If more people were this dilligent, we could have avoided at least half of the awfulness of the eighties (i.e. pumps and pegged jeans - GAK!)

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