October 19, 2004

Barney Shakur

With all that's going wrong in the world these days, some new parents worry, is this any time to be having a kid? To them, I say, "Relax."

It wasn't so long ago, remember, when the world's children were enslaved by a large purple dinosaur. Or when, according to society's moral guardians, the rap music was warping childrens' fragile little minds.

Oh, was it as bad as all that, you ask? Did the East/West feud really pose such a threat? And aren't The Wigglers just as evil? To these skeptics, I offer this inspired video remix from 1998: Barney & friends singing Tupac Shakur's not-safe-for-VH1 "Hit 'Em Up."

Barney Shakur [Daddydesign. Thanks, JG!]
Hitemup.com, "The official unofficial Tupac Site"


Now we know why we never saw Barney and Tupac in the same place at the same time.

When will this file be up again, or where can I get it, if not here?

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