October 16, 2004

Bratproofing your kids with artificial non-affluence

The Wall Street Journal thinks it's news that a Sacramento couple with an 8,000sf, 6br house makes their two sons, Neo and Eon, ages 3 and 2, respectively, share a single bedroom.

Otherwise, they become "little czars," says their mother, Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis. [Whew. That explains the 3-letter names, if not why they're the same three letters.] Elective room sharing is seen as the path of least resistance for bratproofing children, instantly making them better people while freeing up more space for his-and-her offices.

Oh wait, I read that wrong. According to a child development expert, "raising little self-centered materialists, then making them sleep in the same room is just tokenism." Whatever, read the article, then read a book. Or have your people read a book and exec sum it for you.

The Sibling Squeeze
[WSJ, via Romenesko's Obscurestore]
Choking on a Silver Spoon, a book to help your kids deal with your tremendous wealth, [Gary Buffone, at Amazon]

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