October 15, 2004

A Repentant Trend-Chaser Thinks Of The Children

baby_uggs.jpgThere are too many ponchos in New York City, but that didn't keep me from poking around online for a bit, looking for a poncho for the kid. I have since seen the error of my ways, and this article in Slate proved me right.

Then, I found out there are Ugg boots for babies. Uggs are the gigantic fashion mistake of last year. Now they're coming for your child. They must be stopped...in their tracks.

Is that a real poncho? [Amanda Fortini, on Slate]
Please God, No: Uggs and Celebrity Babies [Defamer]
Oprah throws world's largest baby shower [as if that's not cringe-inducing enough. Celebrity Baby Blog, who has the entire product placement palooza]
Baby Uggs certain to be big this winter [CBB, via BloggingBaby.com, see, they're EVERYWHERE]

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