October 13, 2004

Jumping Through Danish Baby Naming Hoops

Helen Hunt, you've been warned. Like in other Scandinavian countries (and Germany and Japan and the list goes on...), the Danish government maintains an official list of baby names parents can choose from. Any deviation from that list must be approved by Copenhagen University's Names Investigation Department and the Ministry of Ecclesiatical Affairs.

What's in: Molli, (this isn't in the Times) Legolas, Gandalf
What's out: most geographical names, alternate or "unusual" spellings, hyphens, Bebop, Monkey, Anus

[Question: Is it worth it, putting an entire country through this bureaucratic nonsense, if we stop even one child from being named Anus?]

Jens and Vita, but Molli? [NYT, via Being Daddy]
Legolas and Gandalf a hit with Danish Parents [The One Ring]
The Ministry of Ecclesiatical Affairs' list of approved Danish names for boys and girls

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