October 13, 2004

Wanna put your reality in reality TV?

The producers of ABC's new reality series, Wife Swap, are looking for families with at-home dads to work their television magic on. Listen to their pitch:ARE YOU AN AT-HOME DAD? IS YOUR FAMILY READY FOR...PRIMETIME TELEVISION? Wife Swap is an...
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Jumping Through Danish Baby Naming Hoops

Helen Hunt, you've been warned. Like in other Scandinavian countries (and Germany and Japan and the list goes on...), the Danish government maintains an official list of baby names parents can choose from. Any deviation from that list must be...
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MUST READ: The Unhip Parent Manifesto

Brian hits it out of the park with his scathingly conscientious response to the Mary Elizabeth William's weary hipster parent essay in last week's NY Observer. I know it sounds disingenuous coming from a guy who flogs $800 strollers, but...
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