October 12, 2004

2004 Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrity Baby Blog has compiled an exhaustive list of names and dates for every famous person in the world who's had a baby this year. Everyone. Seriously. Very good for name ideas, whether to use or to avoid, it's up to you.

Some highlights:
Makena'lei (Helen Hunt's Utah-friendly spelling)
Puma (Erykah Badu & The DOC)
Ava/Eva (everyone else, except for one Apple)

Celebrity Baby Inventory 2004


What about, "India?"

I have been liking the name Anaya lately...not sure where I got it from or what it means....Anaiya, and Anayah, and Anaiyah are some diff. Spellings....Prn: a NY ah....cute...n'est pas? :O)

For JenS

The Name Anaya means "Looks up to God". And the Origin is African, Nigeria

"Anaiya" is a west indian name...meaning - one who brings sunshine... love the name & meaning... have named my daughter "Anaiya"...

ANAYA is an Arabic/Syrian name meaning Graceful

I, too, named my daughter Anaiya. I needed to find a name that would match a Vietnamese-Brazilian baby, so Anaiya was exotic enough to fit her!

Great Book called, Anaiya Loves Daddy Anaiya Loves Mommy. I read it and I really enjoyed it.

My name is Anyia and is pronounced the same as all of everyone's posts on here. With all the various spellings but same pronunciations, I've found it to have all of those meanings: Look unto God(Nigerian or Swahili I believe but I can't spell lol), Gift from God(Hebrew), and to bring sunshine( Indian)

What about the actress Radha Mitchells full name
{Radha Rani Amber Indigo Ananda Mitchell}.
Now I think her parents over did it a little dont you.

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