October 12, 2004

2004 Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrity Baby Blog has compiled an exhaustive list of names and dates for every famous person in the world who's had a baby this year. Everyone. Seriously. Very good for name ideas, whether to use or to avoid, it's up...
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Chris "Family" Robinson

He's in some band called the Black Crowes, his wife, well, you'll have to read Us Weekly to see what she's up to. But what brings bohemian rocker Chris Robinson to these pages is his choice of wheels: A Bugaboo...
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New Nanny Fiction

Ann Hulbert strikes again. In Slate, she spots a new trend in the wake of The Nanny Diaries, where the parents--and particularly the fathers--are the ones who get most of the care. Hulbert compares the literary Mary Poppins (who has...
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Maybe it's the glasses?

Whoa. Both coming home last night and waking up this morning, the kid freaked out seeing me in my glasses. She cried and cringed in my arms until I took them off. Does she think they make me look like...
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October is Children's Month at Apartment Therapy

Celebrate the little monsters in October. The excellent Apartment Therapy is featuring design, "furniture and household products for New York apartments that relate to children." First up: daddy types favorite modern seed (which, DT reader Other Greg reports, recently had...
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Thank the children of linguists, but pity them, too

SUNY Buffalo professor Dr. Jeri Jaeger researches how children develop language skills by studying how they slip up. Turning "one, two, three," into "one, twee," for example. In this previously unstudied field, it was necessary to be very familiar with...
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