October 10, 2004

Odin now rules his personal Asgaard, or an Extreemie goes home

odins_throne.jpgEric Snowdeal IV has left the building. After 95 days in the NICU, little Odin went home, just a week shy of his original Oct. 16 due date. Congratulations and continued best wishes to Odin's parents, who might like to know that micropreemies aren't the only kids who sometimes have a hard time distinguishing day from night. Eric, over the next few weeks, I'm sure you'll see more 3AM's than an entire Dungeons & Dragons convention. (See, D&D players can easily lose track of time, and they... never mind.)

Check in on Odin's checking out of the NICU (while I dig around for info on that trippy carseat insert.) or order up some Extreemie-powered schwag.

1 Comment

thanks! and the carseat insert is a kiddopotamus snuzzler. i must say that it does a great job keeping a micropreemie feeling those boundaries that they love to feel.

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