October 3, 2004

Porsche Car Seats

porsche_car_seat.jpg I used to say, when I was a car-mad teenager, I would only ever have enough kids to fit in the backseat of a Porsche: two very small ones.

Never mind that before the Boxster--a car designed to separate junior I-bankers from their bonuses--the typical Porsche owner was more likely to have just traded the mother of his children in for a newer model (or model wannabe).

Nowadays, Porsche is actively pursuing the family man market. Not only did they launch the Cayenne 4-door SUV, they offer car seats for the 911, Carrera, and even for the 2-seat Boxster (mom's on her own, I guess).

Some models can be wedged into the backseats, but when installed in the front, they require a dealer-installed airbag disabler switch.

Porsche car seats are "developed in cooperation with" Britax-Romer, which basically means they're standard Britax with Porsche upholstery and the Porsche logo emblazoned on the front. Another difference is price: at $175-230 for the Britax and $380-410 for the Porsche, that logo works out to around $200. Enjoy.

Of course, this is the same strategy as the Cayenne, which, unless you get the Turbo, is just a VW Touareg with a $40,000 pimp kit (or a year of Ivy League tuition) grafted onto it.

Porsche Child seats at Porsche Tequipment
See a car seat installed in a Boxster, from (a different) Greg's Boxster Hacks site.


I'm a grand-dad with a 2004 Porsche 911. You mentioned that Britax makes a car seat for Porsche complete with the logo bearing covering. I could care less about the logo, but I am trying to find a car seat to fit in the back "seat". Do you know which Britax model get this logo upgrade? I'll just go buy the plain vanilla version.
Peace begins with a smile (Mother Teresa),

we just brought home our new 911 and are having the same problem. any luck yet? i have heard that possibly the britax roundabout and monarch may fit.

The porsche infant seat can only be fixed in the front passenger seat ( i dont think there is any infant seat that can fit into the rear seats of 911 to my best knowledge) - but has to be done in conjuction with a air bag deactivation device (to be installed only by a porsche dealer). While techincally you can use any infant car seat once the device is installed, the porsche infant seat (as well as other toddler seats) come with a extra buckle that goes into the deactivation device to let the system know to deactivate airbag.
The toddler seats ( there are 2 for two stages) can be use in the rear 911 seats or in the front seat (with the device as mentioned above).

I have an '87 911 turbo, my wife and I want to use the car (together) with our new baby. Does ANYONE have an idea of a rear facing seat that will fit back there?

Hi Guys,

I know this is an old thread but i stumbled upon it trying to find a 6 month + car seat for my 996. I just wanted to let you know that a Maxicosi car seat fits in the back no problem and a greco does also. so if you are worried about fitting a rear facing car seat in the back for you 0+ baby.. dont be.. anyway im off to track down a 6 month + one that fits now. I'll be sure to share when i find one..


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