September 29, 2004

Now You Can Breastfeed, Too

gabriel_feeding_pad.gifUmm, let me rephrase that. Now you can simulate breastfeeding while giving your baby a bottle. Early on in dadhood, I wanted to post about a breast-like harness for dads I was sure I'd seen before somewhere. It was supposed to give men the bonding opportunity Nature had denied them for so long (except in those cases that only Ananova seems to know about, when men lactate in Indonesia or wherever).

Turns out I hadn't been imagining things; I was just looking in the wrong place. Modern Day Dad found the Gabriel Feeding Harness while he was watching Oprah. [Yow, really taking one for the team, there, MDD.]

The Feeding Harness uses a Velcro strap to hold a bottle where a jug would be. Then you hold the kid up to it. Then, you get shooting pains and swelling and--oh, wait, that's only with real breastfeeding. You get to feed the kid with one hand free.

That's fine if what you really want is to simulate nursing. But if all you want is to free up a hand, do what I do: cross your legs (ankle-over-knee, not knee-over-knee; this ain't Yoo-rup, Mac.) and nestle the kid in your half-lap with her head resting up on your knee. Then hold the bottle with one hand, and, say, type a weblog with the other.

[via modern day dad]
Buy the Gabriel Break-Away Feeding Pad for $24.99 at Amazon.
Watch a less-than-instructional video at the Gabriel site
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It's a documented fact that men can lactate! Those man-nipples aren't there for nothing, you know. Visit here for some interesting reading on the subject...

And if I'd read the previous entry, I'd have noticed that you already know that link. Oops!

i think that it is a great thing.
breastfeeding give you the time to spend
with your baby and by doing this it give the mom a brake to so that she does not have to do it all
in the mends of breastfeeding. 8-)

Here is a better nursing product

Look for the Supplemental Nursing System :D

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