September 24, 2004

Thermal Long-sleeve Bodysuit at Baby Gap

baby_gap_thermal.jpgWe saw this cool thermal bodysuit in the babygap store on Fifth Ave. this afternoon, but they didn't have the right size. Not being a regular Gap shopper or Banana Republican, I was impressed by their point-of-sale technology that could 1) order the item for us on the spot online, or 2) tell us a handful of other stores nearby with our size in stock. We chose Option 2, which listed the two Gaps we pass on our way home (a walk of 10 blocks, which is a frightening concentration of Gaps, if you think about it).

What a mistake. The non-flagship stores were chaotic dumps with surly help who cared more about clocking out at exactly 5:00 than spending the last fifteen minutes helping a customer with a computer-printed specific request.

One more benefit of buying online: No salesperson will ask you--as you hold your obviously-a-girl kid in your arms--if you realize that plain white jumpsuit is for boys.

Anyway, we just ordered the thing online, where it turns out to be on sale. Now that we got ours, I glad to recommend it. [Gap's fine for basics, but don't buy anything you mind seeing on a hundred other kids when you go out.]

Ribbed Henley Bodysuit, off-white, $7.99 at


Gap has lots of "boys" clothes that are fine for girls. I guarantee that even putting your daughter in garments with flowers on them won't stop people from calling her "him" so it's better to go with your own personal asethetic. I wear white polos and khaki pants and no one tells me I'm wearing boys clothes.

I like Baby Gap's pajamas, socks, and shoes a whole lot, thats usually what I buy there. They have the cutest pajamas of any store I have seen and their socks are great and non-skid as well. Their shoes are great. I like SOME of their clothing, but some of it has become so ugly lately.

Old Navy is also good for basics. When Ethan was a new born virtually all his onesies were from there. They sell 3-packs or shortsleeved and long-sleeved onesies for like $10 (patterned and plain)

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