September 24, 2004

New Dad in Conn. Berserks on Mother & Son

When I started writing this post, the guy was the prime suspect. Now he's arrested and confessed to killing both his girlfriend and their 4-month old son. In his stroller.

The couple met in the Danbury Fair Mall last year, where the mother was managing The Sunglass Hut (which is upstairs, across from Brookstone).

I don't know if I'd even watch this on CSI, so the details and links are after the jump.

From the pre-arrest story:

A man who could barely contain his pride over being a new father is the prime suspect in the murder of his 4-month-old son and the baby's mother at Lovers Leap State Park on Tuesday evening...

[Mother Lisa] Aviles was stabbed 27 times, and her son [Damian Stone], still strapped into his gray and black plaid stroller, was stabbed 18 times, another law enforcement source said. The state medical examiner said only that both victims suffered multiple stab wounds.

Residents of the Valley View condominiums, where Stone and Aviles lived since earlier this year, described the couple as friendly and happy, and apparently thrilled about the birth of their child.

"He was like a strutting rooster about that baby," neighbor Evelyn Travis said of Stone. "It did my heart good to see such cherishing of a child..."

..."I only met him once, but I heard the baby crying through the window, and he made sure I knew it was his," said Michael Stefano...

That last quote goes to the crux of the guys motive.

[In a written confession, Stone told police] the couple fought over money, her refusal to return to work and her relationship with another man...

...[While arguing,] the couple took the baby and drove to Lovers Leap, where they placed Damion in a stroller and began walking.

Stone told investigators he'd brought along a black-handled steak knife, concealing it behind him.

After telling Aviles he was planning to hide their 2003 Honda Element so it wouldn't be repossessed, she began berating him, he said, and he pulled out the knife, stabbing her in the back...

"I snapped and pulled the knife out and stuck her in her back," he said. "Then everything went black and red."

Stabbings stun town--Woman slashed 27 times, Baby killed in stroller, Police suspect boyfriend [John Pirro, NewsTimesLive]
Baby's Father Confesses--Accused killer faces death [John Pirro, NewsTimesLive]
Friends, co-workers paint picture of turbulent, cash-strapped family [Nanci Hutson, NewsTimesLive]

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