September 24, 2004

Bebe Confort Twin Club Looks Great

bebeconfort_twin_club.jpgI stopped a couple pushing one of these on the street last night. (It's a weblog-induced habit that no doubt embarasses some people in my family.)

Almost before I could ask what it was, the mother said, "It's not from here. It's French." As if they've had to answer this question a lot on the streets of New York. "Bebe Confort?" I asked, and they smiled with relief, as their explaining job just got easier. "Yes."

It's called the Twin Club, and they really loved it, and it apparently works great for twins in the city. Fairly light and easy to work with; I didn't ask about the subway, though. The Twin Club holds two types of Bebe Confort car seats; they had the smaller, more manageable Elios, not the giant egg-shaped Creatis. You can also snap on regular stroller seats (the front one seems to dangle in space) or a seat/bassinet.

Check out the Twin Club at the flash-heavy Bebe Confort site, or try buying it from Ireland's site for EUR 535.00 (seats included, not car seats, which are EUR 125 each)


Check out the Jane Powertwin if you think that's cool

Please send me your best quotation for:
Chassi Twin Club+ 2 creatis+ 2 seats.
I am writing from Portugal and would like to compare the prices.

Thank you

hello i`m from argentina i would like to know if i could buy the twin club by bebe confort in ny ny city [no, I don't think so. Just in France. -ed.]

Can you use the Jane Car Seat in the US? Does it have the latch system?

Can we use the Bebe Confort Loola and Creatis Car Seat in the US?

Hi, I'm from Italy.
I have an High Treck chassis with cocoon, baby seat and creatis, is possible to buy only the Twin Club chassis?

My Best
Giuseppe Genchi

where can you buy the twin club in the UK? how much is it?

i am from brazil and i would like to buy this stroller twin with the seats included.
is it possible to shipping to brazil?

ti hanno dato risposta? Sono nella tua stessa condizione e la fabbbrica Bebe Confort non ha nulla nemmeno nei magazzini, magari però la situazione nei mercati internazionali è diversa....

I have this one also, it is perfect to use. And if later on you want just one seat, it is possible to change this

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