September 23, 2004

Sydney's Playground, aka Tribeca House for Kids

sydneys_playground.gifDid you go to Brown? Were you at the City Museum party last night? Is your kid very advanced for his age? If so, be sure to mention it when you go to Sydney's Playground, the 6,000-sf playground-in-a-loft in Tribeca, and they'll let you in to play for only $8.50.

Of course, if you just drove your shoeless kid up from the Ozarks in the back of your big rig it's $8.50, too, [Um, actually, no. We've closed the Holland Tunnel to trucks just to keep your kind out of the city.] Call it the new Tribeca egalitarianism: Sydney's is $8.50 a visit, no matter what bank you work for.

On the other hand, there's not much for parents beyond cappucinos and fruit salads; I've never seen it mentioned in Page Six; they encourage you to take the subway to visit; there's no referral process or membership fees. I know it may sound like a low-key community experience, but heads up: it's only a couple of letters away from communism. Did I mention the whole place is decorated in red?

Citibabes can't open soon enough to save us from this Tribecan threat to our Manhattan Way of Life.

[Thanks to Comrade Jonathan Greene for doing his capitalist duty by exposing this plot]
Sydney's Playground for Kids of Dubious Political Leanings
GoCityKids review, obviously part of the conspiracy

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