September 21, 2004

"Does this outfit make me look pregnant?"

ub_weight_poll.jpgIf you've gotten this far, I hope you know how to answer this kind of question: be affirmative and supportive without damaging your credibility, all while helping to steer clear of the overalls.

According to a frightening article in New York Magazine (is there ever any other kind?), pregnant New Yorkers are increasingly pressuring themselves--and each other--not to gain weight (i.e., too much? an ounce more than absolutely necessary? an ounce more than that size-2 at work, the tramp? as much as Kate Hudson? WTF??) during pregnancy.

What does this translate into on the ground? Spot weightcheck on UrbanBaby's anonymous message boards; impossible-to-get-into pregnancy pilates classes; women lying about how far along they are; and morning sickness envy (it gives them an excuse for vomiting). One mom-to-be gets right to the heart of it: "I really don't want this pregnancy to change my life." [I'm sure it won't. Hasn't changed ours any.]

Seriously, they should pack up all these crazies and put them on an island somewhere. [Oh. Waitaminnit. They DID.]

Pregnant and Still Thin [NYMag]
Previously: And you wonder why the kid needs therapy? [NYMag, via daddytypes]

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It's not that their doctor's told them - that's just the story, so they can get out of eating anything they don't want to eat whether it's because it's fattening or that they don't like the taste. It's simply the reverse of the "I'm eating for two" excuse.

Don't believe the hype about new parents having -20 IQ points. You're genius!

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