September 17, 2004

Koelstra K73: The First Retro Stroller


Stroller designers can take their cues from many places: furniture (e.g., the chair or cradle on wheels), umbrellas, backpacks, racing bikes (joggers), mountain bikes (e.g., Urban Buggy), camping/outdoor equipment (e.g., Bugaboo), even cars.

Especially cars. Just consider those Reebok joggers with "aftermarket" shocks; a whole line of Jeep-branded strollers; that French La Kart, with its long list of performance features designed specifically to appeal to men.

Now, the retro trend--which produced the VW Beetle, the PT Cruiser, the Boxster, the..I don't know, a bunch of GM's and Chryslers, half the Japanese domestic market, and the crappy Thunderbird--is coming to strollers.

koelstra_1973.jpgKoelstra, a veteran baby products maker in Holland, is introducing the K73, a car-seat-holding bassinet/pushchair convertible inspired by a popular 1973 design. A DT-reading Brit spotted the Flash preview on Koelstra's site soon after it went up this summer, and I've been in intermittent contact with the company to find out if it's a real product or just a concept. No luck so far, but I'll keep you posted. Whatever, it looks kind of fresh. Koelstra does not currently distribute in the US, Canada, or the UK.

Watch the Koelstra K73 Flash Preview [Warning: involves cannot-be-stopped techno music]


Yeah, but does it fold?

Has anybody found out whether it is for sale or in production yet? The fact that it seems to be covertible from bassinet (carrycot) direct to pushchair without changing components appears to be unique.....or does anyone know of another product that does this?

Wer verkauft zufällig so einen Wagen?? Ich finde die Klasse!

This stroller went in to production though limited. When lucky you can buy a good second hand for little money on

p.s. and it does fold easy

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