September 17, 2004

Correction: About Losing Socks

At B+4 weeks, I suggested getting a little mesh bag to put all the kids' socks in when you do laundry. "You'll lose them faster" because they're so damn small, I said.

Well, I was wrong. You don't lose them in the laundry because they're small, you lose them on the street because they don't stay on.

Forget the little lingerie bag, and just get me some socks the kid can't kick, chew, scoot, shuffle, or pull off. [Actually, we've had the best success with the cheaper Carter's socks, the ones they sell at Target. Everything else has been a pain.]


Just a tip from an "about to become" DT: Shoes

Picked it up from a Midwife/New Mom, she was giving us tips about what to do and what to buy, and for some reason it just stuck with me.

She said: Shoes keep socks on. (I'm guessing that the little kidlettes will take a while to figure out how to get the shoes off - but thats a problem to think about later)

So simple, and so effective.

From an experienced mom: Yes. But they figure out how to get those shoes off really fast, too. The only kind that seemed to be almost universally un-get-off-able for the under 18 month-old set were Robees or Bobux. They're soft leather shoes that slip on and stay on with elastic, and you'd think the kids could figure them out, but they can't.

Thanks for the tip about the Carter's socks at Target. I got a pack of those the other day (on your suggestion) and they do stay on way longer than any other socks we've tried.

I use these terry pony rubbers on the baby's outfits that are closed at the feet, to keep it in place. When baby starts to wear socks (Usually like 6 months) I put these terrie under the fold of the sock. picture of terries:

I found an awesome product that solved my problem of losing socks during laundry. The product is a compartmentized wash bag where you can place sock pairs in individual compartments which keeps pairs together in washers and dryers and saves you sorting anything later.

This is actually perfect for kid's socks, since they're tiny, you can fit a few pairs in each compartment. Also, this bag is great in teaching kids how to do laundry. My best friend's wife got one for her kid and she tells their little boy to use this bag for placing dirty socks. When she is doing laundry he throws his full wash bag into the washer and feels good that he's participating in doing laundry!

This little organized wash bag is great when I travel too because I can stow the dirty socks and underwear in it without having them mix in my carry on.

You can find this product at this website:

cheers, Larry

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