September 4, 2004

Hee Hee: Pee-Pee Teepee

pee-pee_teepee.jpgIf you're the type who can't say "urination" or "penis," 1) I don't know what you're doing on this site, and 2) the Pee-Pee Teepee for Sprinkling Wee-Wees is for you.

Stop draping a diaper wipe or washcloth over your baby boy's genitalia so you don't get sprayed during diaper changes. Instead, use one of these Canadian-made fabric cones. The Teepees are sold out at at least two of the three online retailers that stock them, so either the manufacturer's got the unwanted urination market by the balls, or they're out of business.

[Hey Inventors, if you're just waiting for the right time to launch that Golden Shower Cap idea, now's your chance.]

Buy a 5-pack of Pee-Pee Teepees, by Urban Baby Designs, $11.50 at Raindog, while supplies last.


I had these given to me as a present and thought they would be great. However, there are two problems here. First, they are flattened and don't seem to want to follow in the footsteps of an upright tee-pee. So they end up falling over with or without a stream behind it. Second, my little guy anyways, seems to pee right when I'm trying to get the thing open in order to wrap around the little pecker. I might also add that these things are small and subsequently don't have much stability in remaining where they should.

Maybe they just need smaller ones in Canada.

Our son is seven months old, and the times he's peed on the changing table can be counted in the single digits.

So, funny, but at least in my single member (pun not intended!) sample, not necessary.

There's another product in this category available at - I found it during my registry process. The Weeblock is pretty brilliant...

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