September 4, 2004

Hee Hee: Pee-Pee Teepee

If you're the type who can't say "urination" or "penis," 1) I don't know what you're doing on this site, and 2) the Pee-Pee Teepee for Sprinkling Wee-Wees is for you. Stop draping a diaper wipe or washcloth over your...
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Star Trek Baby Names

Any name's fine, as long as it's Jadzia. Also popular: B'elanna, and Seven (of Nine). i.e., all the alien hottie characters. Let me go on record here: any Star Trek name is going to be several circles deeper in taunting...
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Cult Film Baby Names

Running down the slippery naming slope here. Anyone could name their kid Cooper, but if you want to name him that because you loved BASEketball, The cult film fansite, Mutant Reviewers From Hell, has a baby name list for you....
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