September 3, 2004

Bugaboo By...: Strollers get Murakamified

When I lived in France, I was shopping for a used Citroen Deux Chevaux (only the coolest car in the world). One ad I called about, the lady said, "yes, it's white, with schtroumpf painted on it." "What's that?" "Schtroumpf...
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LOTR Baby Names

These names are acceptable if your child is born with pointy ears, hairy feet, or an obviously orc-like face. Dwarf-like doesn't cut it because, let's face it, they all come out looking a bit like dwarves. Lord of The Ring...
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The Cruelty of Kate Spade's MacLaren Stroller

Is this the second limited edition stroller Kate Spade designed for MacLaren? To be honest, I wasn't following stroller fashion too closely before the kid pencilled herself into our calendar. But I remember a distant buzz about it among our...
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Learn to Play the Brazelton Way (with some Disney and McKinsey thrown in)

They say play is a child's work. And just as work could mean anything from alleviating world hunger to hoarding red staplers, play can be a timesink or a richly rewarding developmental experience. (Hint: you want the latter.) Which is...
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John Lithgow's CD To Stay Awake To

Yes, that John Lithgow. And no, there are no songs from Buckaroo Banzai. I have it on great authority that--ok, fine. Some random commenter on Defective Yeti said, "Mr. Lithgow however never ceases to entertain." Which, if you listen to...
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