September 1, 2004

Old School O.C.: 80's Punk Concert Flyers on Onesies*

Mini Maniacs stands out among the cottage industry sprawl of SoCal parent t-shirt companies. For one thing, they make more than t-shirts, and for another thing, the t-shirts they do make are actually unique. They may bring back troubling memories...
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Google, Babies, and Evil

While exploring the resilience and deeper meanings of of Google's motto on Ftrain, Paul Ford reveals a handy parenting tip: "If I had a colicky infant daughter, I know I could leave her with Google, and she'd be okay." The...
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Grrrr, If she's so tired, why won't she go to sleep??

I mean, I've explained the situation to her multiple times. The signs are obvious. She's not having fun playing, in fact, she's just fussy and constandly rubbing her eyes. Yet she can spot a "put you to sleep" gesture a...
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