August 26, 2004

Villa Sibi, an amazing Miesian Dollhouse

villa_sibis.jpgSirch is a woodworking family from Germany with a 400-year history. The current Sirch, Wolfgang, has teamed with Christof Bitzer to design an excellent range of childrens' toys and furniture (more of that later).

Their latest creation is the Villa Sibi, a high modernist dollhouse crafted out of hardwoods. Although the NY Times said it's for budding Neutras, it's actually reminiscent of Mies van der Rohe's residential architecture. Unlike most of Sirch's products, the Villa Sibi will be distributed in the US, via Ameico, at the less-is-definitely-more price of $585.

Until Ameico's site is updated, though, you can see details of the house at the Italian distributor's site,


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ACK! This makes my Bozart dolly house look like a tenament.. I must have. Must... Must spend $600 on doll house.

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