August 23, 2004

The new DWB: Daddying While Black

The NY Times Magazine ran a long book excerpt about Ken, a 32-year old black father in Milwaukee who's making a concerted effort to break the multi-generation absent-father cycle that seems to be at the center--if not the root--of the poverty, unemployment, violence and other intractable social problems that urban African American families face to a disproportionate degree.

The book, American Dream, is by Times writer Jason DeParle, and he points out that decades of research, policy, and debate ignore dads and the absent-dad family. DeParle's story about Ken and his son, Kevion is important, but it leaves me wanting much more.

Raising Kevion [NYT Mag]
Jason DeParle's site for American Dream
Order the book (set for release Sept. 9) from Amazon


Loved this piece in the Times. Can't wait for the book. I wonder how it will compare to Adrian Nicole LeBlanc's _Random Family_?

Just wanted to say HI! I found you through and I love your site. Great topics and good writing! :) Thanks for sharing.

I can't wait for this book either.

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