August 22, 2004

Lab-quality Stainless Steel Crib

stainless_steel_crib.jpgConstruction Playthings sells educational and childcare equipment to schools, daycare centers, and other institutions as well as to parents. Now, with this awesome--and awesomely tough--stainless steel and plexiglass crib, they're targeting you, if you run a primate testing lab, or if you're having a kid with that chick from Species, that is.

Unlike typical residential cribs, this baby has a 31" load height, so there's no bending or stooping. No idea how it works, exactly, but the only other mention I can find of the one-handed Johns Hopkins handle is on a NICU crib, so I'm guessing it's easy and safe. What kicks, though, is the plexiglass end--and that it's got evacuation capability. (Hope you don't live in a walk-up; it weighs 85lbs.)

The smaller-than-standard size (30x44") means you'll need to buy the mattress, too, and your sheets'll never fit quite right, but that's a small price to pay. $1,655, on the other hand, is not.

[Thanks, Daddyzine!]

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