August 19, 2004

Cinnamon, the Stroller Test Dummy


Translated from Baby Pro News. Baby Pro bills itself as a "Baby Item Laboratory," and I humbly bow my head in the presence of a supreme master of baby gear-related websitery:

Although strollers have quickly become compact and light, there is no easy way to evaluate the degree of comfort. So at Baby-Pro, we developed Cinnamon, our very own test dummy doll for measuring oscillation.

Cinnamon approximates a 9-month old baby, with the height of 70cm, the weight of 9kg. A measurement device is in the abdomen and the head. It can record an acceleration change up to 10G. Now, it's sensitive to road surface differences over 10mm, and shock measurement over time.

Since it turns out that data varies according to situation--such as the road incline, reclining angle of the stroller back, and handle, We are currently exploring the situation which is the best to compare. As soon as we can pull sufficient data together, we'll publish our findings.

10G's?? In Moonraker, Bond was almost killed in a G-force simulator set at 12G. He survived, though.

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