August 8, 2004

Japanese Hotel Crib


This is the hardwood crib the hotel gave us. It folds up to about 1/3 of the depth, but what I like most about it is the basic, no-frills shape: square rails and spindles, no tole painting (although the hotel lobby had a giant "Discover Tole Painting!" exhibit up when we arrived; I was sure I'd been set up.), and not, alas, much of a mattress. The crib fits a child-size futon, which sits on a pegboard platform. Definitely putting the 'no' in no-frills. Still, it does the trick just fine.


No frills? I guess I must be neglecting my little one. That looks much like the J.C. Penny crib we got at a scratch-n-dent place. Our crib's mattress might have a marginally better suspension, but how comforatable is a crib mattress anyway?

ok, so...WHERE CAN I GET IT?? it's just the crib we've been looking for (in NYC, where a 'simple' crib seems to cost at least $700). anybody....somebody....a used crib to sell...?

We have a crib here in Florida. It's simple and is a crib that turns into a toddler bed and then headboard for a full size bed. The back is solid and the sides and front are flat slats. It's a light colored wood. We can discuss a low price since shipping from here would be a factor.

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