July 30, 2004

Celebrity Baby Endorsement Roundup

I've been holding it in, so to speak, on these two celebrity baby product endorsements. Who needs Us Weekly?

  • Trixie (trixieupdate.com) and Colum (celebratingcolum.org) sporting some nice solid color bucket hats from The Childrens Place. [The're also available in camo. Don't get too matchy with the diaper bag, though.]

    We'd looked all over for something like this but everything had goofy prints, ribbons, or some other dealbreaking feature.

    Of course, when the picture was taken, the hats were selling at high-season prices. Now, I bet you could just ask the clerk and she'll give you one for free.

    Related: Both kids star in a recent story about parents' weblogs in the St Paul Pioneer Press

  • Meanwhile, at Laid-Off Dad, Robert has been starring in his own potty training saga, complete with Farrelly Brothers-style comic bits. ("Watch where you slam that toilet seat, kid.") In Robert's regimen, this Bear in the Big Blue House DVD "has played a crucial role"; he loves is so much, in fact, he peed his pants. We've all been there, little man.

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