July 29, 2004

Has Anyone Actually MacGyvered a Diaper?

macgyver.gifEarly on, when the kid had a blowout at Barnes & Noble, and I had only a spare Onesie (R) for a cold day. I had to turn her hoodie into a pair of pants (with a baggy MC-Hammer-style crotch) so she wouldn't freeze on the way home. Somehow I can understand not having spare outfits, but not not having a spare diaper, ever.

Be Prepared gives advice on how to improvise a diaper "MacGyver-style," from a towel, a sock, and some duct tape. It's been a few years since I worked on the farm, so I'm still more likely to have a diaper handy than a roll of duct tape. Or a tube sock, for that matter. Has anyone ever actually MacGyvered a diaper? Why and how?

"Onesies" is a registered trademark of Gerber Childrenswear, Inc. Mention of the actual product in our bag in no way constitutes an endorsement of or liability for our parenting methods. For that matter, "MacGyver" is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures Corp., who, unlike the manufacturer of a more easily commodifiable consumer product, can only be pleased that when it enters into wider public use. And last, but not least, "Be Prepared" is, as you'd expect, a registered trademark of the Boy Scouts of America Corporation, but I'll let Simon & Schuster--like Paramount, a division of Viacom, making Greenberg's use of "MacGyver" an example of synergy, not trademark infringement, Ah, the life of a media conglomerate--fight that battle themselves. Not that I'm a lawyer, but did you know you can't trademark book titles?


Yup! Two dishrag wipes and roll of ductape. Our oldest caught us completely unprepared at the end of a long multiple-store shopping trip and we rigged him up on the floor of the van in the parking lot of Friday's. It wasn't as bad as it sounds as we still had a relatively clean set of plastic pants. Thanks to his performance that day we had a huge bunch of dirty diapers to wash out when we got home, but we pulled it off.

I don't know... I can see running out for a quick errand and leaving the diaper bag on the kitchen table. As for tube socks - you are assuming a "spare" tube sock, whereas I am thinking the pair on my feet. I haven't had to do this (I can just imagine the guilt that I'd have for giving my daughter "athlete's tush"), but I have come home with her wearing my shirt as a makeshift dress because I'd neglected to restock the "extra" outfit in her bag. As for duct tape... I think it's all about who you are and where you live. Once upon a time, I could have counted on finding at least two rolls floating around on the floor of my car. Suddenly, I'm thinking I should restock.

YOW. I hope someone MacGyvers this diaper thing to smithereens.

I mean, seriously, what the hell??

Diaper cake? wtf? Dude, that is like eating a whole cake made of edible underwear. As far a jery rigging a diaper, Where would one be that a store that sold diapers was not near by? I mean even gas stations sell them. But what do I know my kid is only 3 months old.

I once took my undershirt and rigged it pretty well. Rachel was still pretty small, and I'm a little wide, so it worked nicely. The sleeves went around her waist to the back and the bottom of the t-shirt came up and underneath, to meet the sleeves.

We had taken a shopping/hiking/picnicing trip adn while we did have the diaper bag, it hadn't been sufficiently restocked.

The emergency T-shirt diaper worked, by the way, to contain (pretty well) a super-explosive-up-the-back poo about twenty minutes from home. I don't think Rachel was as happy with its absorbent powers as she would have been with a "real" diaper, but she was still at an age where she kind of enjoyed sitting in a pile of poo, as long as it was still warm.

I didn't reclaim the undershirt.


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