July 26, 2004

Wha wha wha??? Japanese Shirtfolding Video

This is a better computer animation than all three Matrix movies combined. A Japanese TV demonstration of a simple-but-impossible-under-the-laws-of-physics way to fold a shirt. Not even the people at the Gap can understand it.

Fortunately, as a New York man, I'm judged, not on my laundry folding ability, but on my laundry dropping off and picking up ability, which, I have to say, is quite advanced. I'll go to Japan to investigate. Meanwhile, the rest of you start practicing, then head over to Caitlin Flanagan's house. [thanks, John!]


This is awesome! I got it right on the second attempt and immediately pulled out all of my t-shirts and refolded them using this method. I will be teaching people this from now on.

I saw this a few months ago and was hooked. I thought it was so cool that I had to learn it, and after watching it several times, I got it! Awesome!

Wow. I'm almost speechless. I can't wait to show my wife how productive I can be... ;)

That's amazing. I'll have to see it it works on Polo's. Do that in a retail store and you'll have all the gay counter-boys following your like the pied piper.

OK, so I showed my wife... She was impressed. So impressed the she volunteered me to fold all the shirts. Oh, and while I'm at it, could I fold the rest of the laundry too?

Still cool though... It even works with our 8 week old's shirts ;)

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