July 26, 2004

So you think your boys can swim?

adrants and TMFTML] Reality TV giant Endemol (who produces Big Brother, maybe you've heard of it?) has apparently conceived [*cough*] its latest program idea in the pregnancy aisle at Barnes & Noble. London's Telegraph reports that the show--provisionally titled 'Make Me A Mum'--would follow 1,000 men competing to be the father of some woman's child. The climax [*cough*] of the show would be a swim-off between the finalists' sperm.

The show's 999 losers get $50 and a slightly used magazine, a consolation prize familiar to many a male Ivy League student looking for beer money at the end of the month.

The book that started it all? My Boys Can Swim! The Official Guy's Guide to Pregnancy
The story of the Nobel Prize winner sperm bank, on Slate

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