July 26, 2004

Baby Banz: Australian for sunglasses

baby_banz_blue.jpgActually, "sunnies" is Australian for sunglasses; Baby Banz is Australian for "infant sunglasses with built-in Croakies." These sunglasses have a neoprene strap that gives them a fighting chance at staying on a scrambling 9 month-old. Banz are Aussie-tested to block 100% of UV light, and they come in a rainbow of colors. My question: What's Australian for "racoon eyes"?

If you combine them with the SPF50+ Banz floppy brimmed hats, you can get about 25% of the protection provided by that other Autralian sunblocking wonder, the Pepeny stroller shade. A small sacrifice to avoid looking like a total dork.

Baby Banz are all over the place, but they're at babystyle for $7.99

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Hello! Love the review. We have some cool new products I think you'd love to take a look at!

Let us know if you'd like to do a review and giveaway!!

All the best,

USA Baby Banz

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