July 24, 2004

Why stop at just one Fetus? Buy some more!

fetus_auction.JPGIf you don't get to this ebay auction for 50 2"-long injection molded plastic fetuses before bidding ends, don't worry. On the web, there's no shortage of fetus simulacra for sale.

Your first stop should be fetopia [ed note: link is dead busted], where you can order tiny little plasticine feti in various guises (I got the feti of the world collection). They can be strung as beads, you can set them on the coffee table and unnerve your friends, or you can buy them encased in bars of handcrafted soap.

Since I bought our feti, they've added a custom feto generator, so you can determine in advance who the feto will look like. I should say that my wife was not very enthused by my feto purchase; she found them creepy, which they kind of are.

[via waxy and kottke, respectively]


Can you feti instead of candy in a Felix?

dude, as if a comment could be any MORE insider than that

omg how can i buy those

I prefer to call them preborns rather than feti, and I feel justified in doing so because the word "Preborn" is engraved on their little pink bottoms.

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