July 23, 2004

Wanna Buy A T-Shirt?

daddy type t-shirt, so copyrighted it's CRAZY

I wanted to see what they'd look like, so I made a few t-shirts for myself and a couple of newly dadded up family members. They didn't turn out that badly, I must say. It's an American Apparel jersey T-shirt in white, with 'daddy type' screened in dark gray Letter Gothic (a typeface from the IBM Selectric typewriter. Daddy types, get it?).

I have a couple left, so if anyone wants one, drop me a (paypal) line to cover the cost of the shirt. Give your size preference and I'll try to accommodate (and email you back if I can't). [ 7/29 update: I'm out for now. Response was good enough that I'll order up a few more when I'm back from Japan. In the mean time, let me know if you want one, but keep your money.]

[NOTE: If you're from Us Weekly magazine, I'm sorry, I think they just sold out.]

buy a daddy type t-shirt ($14+ $2 s&h) size preferred:

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