July 21, 2004

Antique Cradle from Iowa

We're visiting Grammy right now in Salt Lake City, and it turns out she's got this awesome cradle--for my sister. After I got over my petty sibling jealousy, I heard the story: she bought it in a small town in Iowa, and based on its construction, it's supposed to date from the 1840s. If so, it's some kind of frontier/pioneer-era thing. [Here's a tip: want to sell something to someone from Utah? Say it's 'pioneer-era.']

Of course, Cletus at the flea market could've whittled it two winters back after the crops come in, then buried it in the yard to rough it up a bit for the city folk, too, so who knows. Cletus, if you're out there faking antiques, you're doing a fine job. SEND ME YOUR URL. The custom-size foam mattress is not antique.

When I saw it and said, "That's cool. I'm gonna put it online!" everyone panicked, thinking I meant ebay. Makes me wonder what they're saying about me when I'm not around...

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I enlarged your picture... and I didn't see a JPMA sticker.

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