July 19, 2004

Baby Massage Pajamas

massage_pajamas.jpgI found this via Daily Candy, which apparently has a kids posting about twice a year. It's pajamas with little diagrams printed all over to show you where the kid's various accupressure/massage points are. That sounds like a good idea, I'd like to know more. Let's see, what does the Gift Tree Baby Boutique say about them?:

As seen in USA Today (2/4/03) and In Touch Magazine (1/27/03)! This soft cotton baby massage snuggie is endorsed by Kelly Ripa (Regis & Kelly) as one of her favorite items for the nursery. Celebrity moms Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Lauren Holly all own it and it is a must-have for every new mom.
Uh-huh. Just shoot me--take me out back and shoot me like a broke-legged mule--if I ever write anything as cheesy as that. And Snuggie? Does a snuggie that mean it has feet, or no, or what?

As for the PJ's, I'm sure they're scientifically proven to get your kid to sleep through the night, speak complete sentences, and get into Harvard. Instruction manual included.

Unrelated, I tell you!: Chris Martin Drives A Bugaboo!!


this would only make sense if kids were made on an assembly line with identical bodies.

Avon also sells one. It's probably a lot less expensive.

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