July 16, 2004

Disposable 8 oz cups for anything

first_years_cup.jpgWe got a pack of these 8 oz. cups w/lids to start the kid on solid foods. They're fine for mixing tiny amounts of rice cereal--not that she's actually eating any of it yet--but we find we're using them for everything. Salad dressing for four on the 4th, trail mix, Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles, almonds...OK, maybe I just use them for food while I work.

They're made by The First Years and cost a couple of bucks, I guess.


I found a pack of these in the kids-kitchenware-cabinet (so I assume my wife bought them) recently. Cheap and handy.

Those are good containers. Very good for road trips.

don't tell me they're actually disposable. as in, you use them, then throw them out later. starting our kids on bad habits early, and they're the ones that'll have to live in a landfill later.

there is actually a whole line of disposable containers by The First Years. we are in the sippy cup phase of these. If the kids leave them at the park or under the couch we don't lose any sleep (unless they still have juice in them.

Actually, it would be interesting to review different sippy cups, seeing how many of the high end models are difficult to clean and destined to a moldy demise. yet another reason to just get the disposable ones.

Although, i think that one of the sippy lids came without holes in it. nothing is more entertaining than watching a 2 year old trying to get juice out of a cup with no holes.

well, as long as they don't end up in landfills...

just kidding. Did I say 'disposable'? I mean 'reusable' and 'recyclable.'

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