July 15, 2004

2: the magazine for couples

2mag.jpgThose self-effacing Canadians have done it again, launching the most Google-proof magazine in history. 2 comes from Toronto, and it promises to "engage 25- to 34-year-old young urban couples by capturing their many interests in one distinctive editorial package. It is the only lifestyle magazine for couples entering life partnerships and forming new households."

Issue #2...of...2 (can you even see that it's italicized?) is on newsstands now, at least in Canada. But their website--2magazine.com, 2magazine.com, 2magazine.com, since you can't search for it--offers a few dad-specific teasers:

  • Get it On!"9 essential albums that'll put both of you in the mood" (or, for the newest dads, back in the mood). There's something for everyone, but Chris Martin'll want to choose carefully: Coldplay's on the list.
  • The 19 best things to make fun of other couples for targets "The Breeders: youíd think they were the first couple on earth to squeeze out a kid. Maybe the first to have one that bug-eyed."
  • 2's most dad-promising feature--a regular advice column which isn't online--called, "Iím a ParentóHoly Sh*t!" That's cool. As soon as the Vice President says it, I'm going to use it as the tagline for Daddy Types.

    A one-year, four-issue subscription to 2 is $1 million Canadian, or $14.95 US. Practically free.

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    I love the way the called Tricky a "guest vocalist" on the Massive Attack album.

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