July 13, 2004

VP-Quote Onesie*

It was only a matter of time.

"Go f&%* yourself!/ Vice-President Dick Cheney" Onesie(R)-like garment, $14.99 from Cafepress. [thanks, Gudlyf]

* see below

* Note: This is NOT a Onesie (R). To be an authentic Onesie (R), with all the brand equity and high quality that trademark connotes, it must be manufactured by Gerber Childrenswear, Inc., who have been nurturing the Onesies (R) brand for over twenty years. At best, this is a Onesie(R)-wannabe.

Unfortunately for those who want a combination of excellence and profanity, at this time, Gerber does not manufacture a Onesie (R) printed with the Vice-President's expletive-laden instruction. The public utterances of elected officials are not subject to trademark, however, so if you are so inclined, why not buy some authentic Gerber Onesies (R) and print Cheney's statement on them yourself? If you offer them for sale, be sure to let me know.


I love your site. I've digested every single category of entries and I'm laying on my back, bloated. Somebody needs to bicycle my legs.......

Dude, I am so sorry. I looked up your condition in What to Expect: The First Year, and it also says you could try:
- drinking more fluids, especiallly water, or prune/apple juice.
- rub your belly in a clockwise motion
- eat more bananas.

Not to be too critical, Eli, but this probably wouldn't happen if you were still breastfeeding.

More appropriate for the babies: "Go sh*t yourself!" or the friendly "Go crap yourself!"

Thinkgeek.com has two onesies that come close:
"I TCP/IP, but mostly IP", and
"Input/Output" (with arrows).

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