July 10, 2004

BOB Sport Utility Stroller

OK, sometimes it feels like we're inventing parenting as we go, that such a world as we now live in didn't exist before the kid was born. Flush with a sense of duty to share my rare insights with an info-starved world, I devise a feature, Sport Utility Stroller Week.

The last stroller of the week: the BOB Sport Utility Stroller.


bob_ironman.jpgBOB the company began in 1991 with the YAK bike trailer, cooked up by a couple of northern Californian hard-core cyclists. "Then came the kids... and with them, an unforeseen inspiration to build the best looking, best performing, highest quality jogging-type stroller in the world. As Dads, we struggled with the aesthetic of the father pushing a flowery print, polka dot stroller. The BOB Sport Utility Stroller was born." [humbling emphasis added.]

Oh, so now I didn't invent disdain for flowery strollers, either. Well, I don't want to harsh anyone's buzz here (remember, BOB is from Cali). Instead, I salute the generations of struggling dads before me, who worked to raise their children in a world liberated from polka dotted strollers. A manly back-patting hug to you all.

As for their strollers, BOBs are not crossovers, they're actual joggers, with big balloon wheels, fixed in front, heavy-duty adjustable suspensions. The IronmanĈ for example, a higher-tuned version of its SUS, is considered the best 16" jogger out there. Cupholders? They come in the handlebar console, sold separately.

BOBs are available at REI for around $335. This will not be your only stroller.

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