July 9, 2004

What Webloggers are Reading (Their Kids) This Summer

Phil Gyford asked some bigname webloggers [sic] for their summer reading lists, and here are their responses. Although I'm sure your kid would love to hear Middlesex or the latest collection of David Foster Wallace, the only childrens' title recommendations come from Danny O'Brien [Oblomovka, NTK], whose judgment in baby names I already trust:

I'm currently reading Little Bear's New Friend by the Reader's Digest Young Editions collection, and Moo, Baa (La La La) by Sandra Boynton. When I'm after something less demanding (or less demanding than Ada demanding that I read the above), I've been skimming:

David McCullough's John Adams. I've started this by looking up Ben Franklin in the index, and working back. All the people I admire in the American revolution seemed to have been somewhat creeped out by John "Sedition Act" Adams, so I'm going to enjoy seeing what the other side has to say.

And you? What are you reading (to the kid or otherwise)?


Let's see. My 15 month old seems to like...

Walter the Farting Dog,
I Love You as Much,
all of the "Miss Spider" books,
any books with pictures of animals,
any Sandra Boynton book,
any Todd Parr book

And, Here's to You! is a great, fun read. It's rhyme-y, but not in the "If I read this again I will stick a fork in my eye" sort of way.
Also a good book because of its subtle message of reveling in the joy of diversity and acceptance. Definitely good for a few giggles from the tiny folk in the house.

My son likes any book that has a melody to accompany it. I haven't found an illustrated pop-up for "Back in Black" yet, but this is the best kid's pop up I have ever seen (although it is frustrating for kids who want to RIP) Knick-Knack Paddywhack: A Moving Parts Book

His favorite book, for the last 6 months has been Sandra Boynton's Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!

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