July 8, 2004

SmartKlamp for, excuse me?? Automatic Circumcisions??

smartklamp.jpgWHOA. If you're on the fence about circumcising any boys about to be born in your vicinity, Gizmodo's got a review of a penis clamp that just might make your mind up for you.

My wilfully uneducated guess is, the thing works like a Diaper Genie, but I don't want to know. If you do, visit Fiddish for more discussion or the SmartKlamp site for many explanatory photographs.


Is this for home use? Or is this for mohels?

But what I really want to know is what the instructions look like. If it's anything like the usual toy assembly guide, I hate to find out which step is missing.

One last question: How to you practice before using the thing on a real kid?

Dude, we can't even cut the kids' FINGERNAILS.

But seriously, I'm sure it's for pros, who practice on a greenbean or a twizzler or something. Like with haircuts, I bet you could get a discount, though, if you get it doen at the mohel academy.

Oh, I took a look at the actual SmartKlamp site and all my questions were answered. Doctors only.

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