July 6, 2004

NYMag: Men Can't Handle Post-Delivery Room Sex

It's as if that NYTimes article about men getting squeamish in the delivery room had been rewritten by Carrie Bradshaw. In this week's New York Magazine, sex writer Amy Sohn puts out the multi-pronged theory that
1) After having a baby, women turn into grovelling sex widows like--as some Urbanbaby.com posters put it--Mrs. Roper on Three's Company...
2) because men lose all interest in sex...
3) because they saw way too much in the delivery room...
4) where they were forced to be in the first place because of relentless societal pressure.

Got that? However embarassingly true or goofily false Sohn's theory, at least she gets some funny quotes from a bunch of new dads (who use only their first names, obviously).

All of which reminds me of a book advertised on Gawker for the last couple of weeks, Ian Kerner's She Comes First : The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, which features a papaya on its cover. Not following? Read the NYMag article and connect the dots.

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