July 5, 2004

Sweet Arts & Crafts Crib, Bedding

arts_crafts_crib_modernseed.gifWow, modernseed is in the zone these days. This solid maple arts & crafts-style crib looks really nice. Simple, clean lines, solid-looking construction. Now just get rid of all the bows and the bumper.

Seriously, crib bumpers are designed for paranoid new parents; try holding out, at least a little while, before buying one. Your kid can't move anywhere for a few months, at least, and by the time you'd (hypothetically) need one, you've probably already dropped him on his head a few times with no apparent longterm effects. See? Unnecessary.

Check out the new Dwell fitted sheets, like the striped one, for example, which is...$40. You could get five BB Basics solid jersey sheets from buybuybaby for that. (Call the store for crib sheets, I guess.)

Oh yeah, that crib is $795 at modernseed.com, with 2-3 week delivery.


ok, cancel what i said about that japanese hotel crib...THIS is the one i want....but, uh, used--for like $250. crap, it's really hard to be on a budget!!!! i hate it. anyone know how to find a used one, or have a used one to sell? sigh. i feel a trip to ikea coming on...

ps: about that used crib question...my email is bs140@earthlink.net in case anyone has ideas. was thinking of posting on some bulletin boards around nyc--at VCS, little red schoolhouse, that sort of thing.

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