July 5, 2004

Sport Utility Stroller Week

Happy birthday to the Land of the Freelander and the Home of the Bravado. This week I'm finally rounding up the sport utility strollers that are multiplying around me. With these strollers--unlike so many SUVs, where S is for Size--the S really is for Sport: jogging, hiking, cycling, and beyond.

Inevitably, like that pampered G-class in the garage, some rigs intended to "go off-road and keep up with an outdoor, sporty lifestyle" will never traverse anything rougher than a cobblestone driveway. But they could, right?

The kicker is that none of these Sport Utes are actually from the US, they're all immigrants, er, imports. Thanks to Global Capitalism, then, we're free to buy rugged strollers from all over the world, even if a weak dollar means they cost a fortune. God Bless America.

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