July 4, 2004

But I Meant 'Slacker' in a GOOD Way

New York Times Magazine: new marketing study...blah blah blah...51% of kids have Gen-X parents...blah blah...dads much more involved....blah blah blah...didn't we used to call them slackers?....blah blah blah..what really interests me is what people think of baby boomers....blah blah blah...I mean, "Palm piloting parents"...blah blah...did I say 'we'? cuz I SO 'get it,' I'm sure I meant 'they'.

"Look Who's Parenting" [NYT Magazine] [fulltext via father.com]
Survey: "Generation X Parents: From Grunge to Grown Up" [by, but not available at Reach Advisors]
"The ABCs of Selling to Generation X," with actual bullet points from the survey [Business Week, April '04]

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Those are some amazing factoids. It seems like more people are working and feeling less sucessful. But happier with what is really important: family (and showing our dads we are better than they were as dads).

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