July 1, 2004

Celebrity Baby Uses Disposable Bibs

Move over, Gwyneth, there's a new Effect in town. A candid photo of a celebrity using a branded baby product causes a sudden spike in sales.

pampers bibstersShoppers emptied the shelves at drugstores around the country when Trixie was photographed wearing a Pampers Bibster Disposable Bib. Fortunately, they're still available at Drugstore.com, with no wait list.

Trixie's people are still developing a product placement rate structure for TPOD, but sources say the program will be similar to the 80's sitcom, Too Close For Comfort, where Ted Knight wore a different college sweatshirt in each episode. The show precipitated a scandalous NCAA bribery investigation,which led to its cancellation, but it was too late; the product placement genie was out of the bottle.

[Or maybe this is all part of Pampers's crisis management strategy; just this week a 4-month old baby in Albany choked to death on a disposable bib. Remember, read the label carefully.]


We love these things... so much nicer than putting a food covered one back in the diaper bag. Now that our little one is eating with us at mealtime, it's great to pack a small set-up for her and then leave it behind along with the dirty dishes. It's like a laminated napkin...

The only time we're really able to use bibsters is when Trixie is sick and too out-of-it (as in referenced photo) to tug at them. Otherwise, she's too distracted by the fact that they rustle, and she always tears it off. But they do make great vomit guards.

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