June 27, 2004

Ikea Machine-Washable Farm

ikea_stuffed_farm.jpgYesterday we went over the river and through the woods (lots of woods) to Grandma's house, where the kid found this fabric farm from Ikea waiting for her. The animals are all very grabbable--and chewable--and machine-washable. And the whole brood comes in this fabric-covered barn-shaped carrying case, which functions as a little play yard for the animals.

For some reason, though, the kid ignored this innovative barn stage set/packaging completely and just gnawed on the animals. Which is unusual, because she really is quite advanced for her age. [Update: Not so advanced that she plays with it unsupervised. As Jay points out in the comments, the farm is recommended for ages 3 and up; for now, we just hand the kid a sheep or cow to chew on. Carnivore propaganda, I know. Thanks, Jay!]

Buy the farm (heh) at Ikea stores. Impress the Ikea co-worker with your cultlike knowledge by asking for it by name, KLAPPA.

1 Comment

I see that it's recommended for ages 3 and above... good thing because those look like some really small pieces to me.

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