June 25, 2004

Nipple/Bottle Adapters in the US of A

The Bib'Evianis only available in France, but it turns out you can buy adapters for putting a nipple on a standard drink bottle right here in the US.

In fact, Great Baby Products practically demands you stick it to the French and buy their bottle adapter For The Good Of The Country. They show the adapter on an Evian bottle, now called Freedom Water.

drink_mommy.jpgBut for the richest attainment of the American Dream of putting a nipple on a bottle of Diet Coke (Oh wait, that's my dream. Never mind.) comes from Drink, Mommy! [the exclamation point is theirs].

The a-ha moment for Drink, Mommy!: like drill bits and socket wrenches, bottle adapters needed to come in various sizes. Thus, the Drink, Mommy! Drink-on-the-Go kit, which is available at Mom's Tool Chest.

Drink, Mommy! has a distributor program, too. It apparently involves setting your well-hydrated kids loose in a park. In a few short hours, other, dehydrating children will start asking for the product by name, at which point you casually fling open the hatch on your minivan and say, "I just happen to have one. more. right. here."

Obviously, the name's a problem with people around these parts; aren't there other options? Couldn't they call it, "Drink, Now!"? Or maybe, "Drink, Dammit!"? (Where'd the kid pick up that language, dad? Hmm? They might as well call it, "Woman, where's my beer?") Fine, keep the name.

By the way, if you are interested in a beer bottle nipple adapter, just ask the folks at Drink Daddy.


It would be preffered if you could put more product lists on your website.

Yet another brilliant idea that someone stole from me before I had a chance to do anything with it. Sure, the Drink Mommy! kit predates my idea by over a decade, but that's just further proof! Thieving pyramid-scheming time-travelling mothers!!!

...er I mean... I'd prefer something a bit lower profile... and with a sippy-top option.

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