June 21, 2004

Beta Male: Wimping Out of The Delivery Room

So maybe everybody's not comparing epistiotomy stories during the NBA playoffs. In Sunday's NYT, Rick Marin tries to lead a rallying cry for dads-to-be who, when it comes to actual birth, would rather wait this one out, thanks, in the waiting room. In the process, he takes a gratuitous potshot at Apple's Bugaboo-pushing dad, Chris Martin.

Frankly, the idea that forcing large objects out of one's body is something only women are concerned with is flatly contradicted by the box office success of Dumb and Dumber and Austin Powers ("Who. Does. Number. Two. Work. For??").

1 Comment

I anticipated "whimping out" to some degree, becasue I hate hospitals and watching loved ones in pain. That's why we hired a doula. What a difference that made. We were a team. I felt like a pro when there was someone there (who knew what they were doing) to back me up.

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